Footwear & Footcare


OOFOS with OOfoam Technology is the Ultimate Recovery Footwear for Athletes that can double up as Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion, Heel Spurs and Lower Back Pain Sufferers


Podiatry Products

Got foot pain? Need orthotics for support or cushioning?

We can help. Our range of medical grade and clinically tested European foot care products is available through our specially trained nurses at Southside Health and Hire.

The Foot Foundation range has been designed to address the most common simple foot health problems. This brief guide to foot problems aims to provide you with information that will assist you to “heel yourself” or encourage you to see your podiatrist.

Simple foot problems are listed on the left of the page. The look and feel of each problem is described including; where each problem is commonly located, how to prevent and how to treat each problem, and which Foot Foundation products can assist.

General foot health advice is also offered, including advice on selecting a good healthy shoe, cutting toenails, information for diabetics and other people at high risk.

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